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Gutter / Eavestrough Cleaning Prices

If you are tired of cleaning the gutters or eavestroughs on your home, you can hire our professional team to get the job done. Before we discuss eavestrough cleaning prices, let’s take a minute to look at why you need to keep gutters clean.

Ensuring your eavestroughs or gutters are clean isn’t a pleasant task, but doing this chore twice or three times a year will prolong the life of your roof and your gutters. Gutters perform a specific task, to drain water off your roof and away from your house. When organic material like leaves and sticks and other offerings of the wind and storms, land in your eavestroughs causing blockages and buildups, water damage can occur. Water damage is usually an expensive repair no matter where it happens.

It’s also important to make sure your gutters or eavestroughs are installed correctly. If the slope is wrong or the drain spouts empty too close to your house’s foundation, expect problems to appear. If an upper storey gutter empties onto the roof instead of a lower level eavestrough, expect roof repairs in your future. DIY eavestroughs and gutters are often made of plastic that won’t stand up to the freeze/thaw cycles of winter and the hot temperatures of summer. DIY eavestroughs and gutters need seams and inevitably seams leak, whereas professionally installed gutters or eavestroughs are seamless.

Gutter Cleaning Prices

Gutter or eavestrough cleaning prices will vary depending on a few factors such as the number of stories and the size of your home.

The prices go up from these base rates depending on how much eavestroughing there is (will this include your garage or summer kitchen for instance), if there’s a third storey, and how accessible the gutters are. If gutters are neglected and additional time is spent cleaning and unclogging decaying matter, expect the price to go up. Make sure the quote includes bagging and clean up of removed debris. You shouldn’t have to clean up after the work is done, or find a surprise additional charge you weren’t expecting. The entire system should be flushed, meaning water can enter the gutter system at any point and be tracked to where it drains into the soil.

Instead of cleaning your gutters, why not install a screen to prevent leaves and other debris from getting into the gutters or eavestroughs to begin with? You’ll still need to watch for stuck leaves that block the water from getting into the gutters, but your maintenance will be significantly reduced. Some homeowners blame screens for causing ice damming, but that’s actually caused by heat escaping from a poorly insulated attic or roof (read more about ice damming here).

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