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How Long Does A Shingle Roof Last?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked by clients, as well as how much does it cost to replace a roof. Neither question has an easy answer because both depend on a number of variables. Let’s break it down.

Manufacturers used to make shingles that would last 40 years, but those shingles were made using asbestos which is not used any longer. Typically, asphalt shingles are made using paper or fibreglass and they are more susceptible to the weather and other factors, so today’s shingles aren’t the same shingles we remember from forty years ago but they’re still calling them 25, 30, and 50 year shingles.

How Long Does A Shingle Roof Last?

How steep is your roof? Roofs that have a lower slope or are nearly flat will wear out faster than steeper roofs because the snow and water runs off and don’t sit on them.

How much sun does your roof get? It’s typical for the south side of a roof to wear out faster than the north side due to the sun. If your home is sheltered by mature trees, your roof will last longer than the house across the street that’s completely exposed to the sun and weather. However, trees can cause damage and wear and tear to a roof shortening the shingles’ life as well.

The weather in southern Ontario can take a toll on shingles as well. The wide temperature fluctuations in winter that cause the repeated freeze/thaw cycles also wear out shingles faster than years where the temperature gets cold and stays cold until spring. Houses without proper roof ventilation will also experience faster deterioration of their shingled roof.

What Does The Warranty Really Mean?

The language in the written warranties are full of loopholes and provisos that let the manufacturer company off the hook. The packaging might say 25 or 30 year shingles, but in the fine print often there’s only a 3 – 5 year warranty and a pro-rated declining warranty after that. Also, the warranty only protects you against defective materials, not normal wear and tear. If the manufacturer thinks the shingles weren’t installed correctly, no warranty. Sun, wind, or weather damage – no warranty. There’s a difference between what’s possible and what’s realistic under normal conditions.

Asphalt Shingles are the most common shingles purchased by homeowners because they’re considered the most economical compared to other options. That said, not all asphalt shingles are the same. There are basic, mid, high, and luxury quality shingles and they are priced accordingly. Will higher priced shingles last longer? They are thicker and heavier, so the theory is that they will stand up to the weather longer.

Remember that a steep slope will require more shingles than a flat roof for effective coverage. Make sure to give our experts a call and request a free quote.