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Roof Leak Repair Cost

The average homeowner in Canada spent over $5000 replacing their roofs in 2016. Making timely repairs can extend the life of your roof. But how much does a roof leak repair cost? It depends on what is causing the leak. This is a problematic question because there are a lot of variables and factors involved. Generally, a roof that’s well taken care of will cost less to repair than a roof that’s been neglected and ignored.

Common Causes Of Roof Leaks

It’s important to have a professional evaluate the cause of a roof leak, because water in the ceiling could be caused by a variety of issues including a leak in the roof.  When a roof leaks, the most common cause is failed sealant around a fixture on the roof (vent, skylight, chimney, etc.) Ice damming and missing shingles following inclement weather are also common. Depending on the age of the roof and the condition of the shingles, a new roof may be what’s needed to stop the leak.

Missing Or Improperly Installed Shingles

This is usually a minor repair depending on the size of problem. This also assumes that missing or improperly installed shingles are the source of the leak.

Ice Damming

When icicles hang off the roof in winter, this is caused when standing water pools on the roof and then endures fluctuating freeze/thaw temperatures. Ice damming is common and can cause significant damage to shingles, gutters, fascia, fasteners, downspouts, etc. Note that repairing the damage on your roof won’t prevent ice damming from reoccurring because the cause is heat escaping from your attic. Call our team to discuss an estimate for this repair. We can recommend some preventative measures.

Leaking Chimney Flashing

If the problem is the sealant around a chimney flashing, that’s a similarly simple fix. However, if the leak is not due to the sealant or flashing but due to the masonry on the chimney, you’ll need to call a mason which will significantly increase the cost of the repair.

Bad Seals Around Vents And Skylights

If the problem is faulty sealant or flashing around a vent or skylight, the surrounding shingles will need to be removed, the sealant and flashing replaced, and new shingles installed. If the vent or skylight was installed incorrectly, there will be additional cost to prevent further leaks.

Flashing In Valleys

A valley is where two parts of your roof meet in a low point to direct water away. If sealant around the flashing fails, the shingles need to be removed and everything resealed. The cost of the repair will depend on how steep the roof is, how long the valley is, and how many shingles need to be replaced. If more than one valley needs repair, the cost will go up, but shouldn’t double because the team is already up on the roof with the required equipment.

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