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Commercial Roof Repair

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commercial roof repair

At Watershed Roofing & Exteriors are business owners just like you. We operate a business seeking to earn a living so we can take care of our families, and so our employees can take care of theirs. We have our own shop, and in it is our whole operation, our admin offices, our employees, our assets, vehicles, equipment. Right over the top of all those is our roof. The roof protects our entire business. The functionality of our roof is crucial to the operation of our business.

The same goes for your commercial roof.

Because of that, Watershed Roofing & Exteriors offer two services for commercial flat roof repair services.

1. Watershed Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

The life of your roof is directly related to how often it is inspected and how quickly small problems are identified and repaired. A roof inspected annually can last up to 50% longer than one that is visited only when there is a leak. Maintenance with documentation provides you with a written history of repairs, a projected life expectancy, and clear budget numbers for future planning. It gives you both knowledge and control.
Watershed Roofing provide an annual roof inspections as part of a Roof Maintenance Plan. Prevent and avoid:
  • Costly emergency or crisis repairs
  • Costly business downtime and clean ups
  • Product damage
  • Unsafe and unhealthy working conditions
  • Building structural damage
  • Interior finish damage
  • Compromising your roof’s warranty
As part of our program we offer skilled roof maintenance staff to keep your roof in good condition all year round. Our roofing experts can quickly spot a problem and provide solutions that will restore the safety and performance of your roof.

2. Watershed Commercial Roof Repair Services

Commercial roofing, especially flat roof repair is a speciality of Watershed Roofing. We have decades of experience in this area, we have serviced clients all over South West Ontario, and a range of business from commercial property owners, from supermarkets, drug stores, shopping malls, gas stations, apartments, mechanics/auto repair shops, banks, warehouses, restaurants, condos, and many others. Our staff have attended extensive training in all aspects of commercial roofing.

Sometimes commercial roof repair services are needed. We specialize in the many different types of roofing repair, and we promise to get the issue identified and fixed as quickly as possible so you can keep operating your business. If your roof has been damaged due to some kind of natural disaster, we can get it back to its original condition in no time. Don’t leave your repairs for another day, as additional damage can be done.

Call us or email us any time Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Our repair services are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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