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Roof Snow Removal Services

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roof snow removal Ontario

One of the biggest problems facing homeowners and commercial facilities every winter in Ontario is the dangerous buildup of snow and ice on roofs. Without roof snow removal, your roof can buckle under heavy ice and snow and damage your roof – or even the interior of your building in the event of a collapse.

The most common problem occurs when melted snow refreezes at the roof overhang. It can trap water under shingles or other roof finishing layers, causing leaks through the roof deck joints and nail holes.
Heavy snow and ice on a rooftop can:
  • Block vital ventilation
  • Warp eaves and damage fascia boards
  • Damage shingles
  • Plug gutters and spouts
  • Create ice dams – Ice dams can’t form without snow.  If you’re able to prevent ice dams, you’re far more likely to prevent your roof from leaking and damaging the inside of your home.
  • Another reason roof snow removal is so important is that it’s a good idea to keep all that excess weight off your roof.
  • Get into the attic and soak insulation, ceilings and walls
  • Cause structural damage to the building

How do I know when I should hire a roof snow remover?

A good rule of thumb – if you have a foot of snow sitting on your roof, and the snow has been heavy and dense instead of the fluffy stuff – it would be a good idea to have it looked at by a roof snow removal company. If you prevent too much snow from piling up on your roof, it’s much harder for ice dams to form and it will ease the weight load on your roof.

Watershed Roof Snow Removal Services

Removing snow or ice from your roof without professional help is EXTREMELY dangerous. Professional roof snow and ice removal services can help avoid the risk of personal injury as well as damage to your roof and building structure. This is very important for businesses with traffic areas such as sidewalks or plazas, because the liability must be taken into consideration.

One quick heads up: be careful of snow removal services that have super low rates. The cheapest services are almost always using non-insured, under-qualified, under-experienced workers.

Watershed Roofing specialize in rooftop snow and ice dam removal, for both residential and commercial clients, large and small! We safely remove snow and ice without damaging your roof. We will get it done right, we will get it done safely.

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