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Watershed Roofing have been flat roofing contractors for decades around South West Ontario. We install new flat roofs, flat roof upgrades and flat roof repair. Our flat roof experts are certified flat roof specialists, are manufacturer approved and have years of experience in flat roof services.

A correctly installed flat roof and sealed building envelope reduces many other building issues. It protects the building structure, your property, your assets, and the people inside! It is also far more energy efficient which will save many operating costs. A high quality flat roof is the best way to save money long term.

Here are the types of flat roofing surfaces we offer for Commercial and Industrial companies.

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM):

  • A low cost single ply roofing system composed of a rubber membrane ideally suited for small or large commercial and industrial projects
  • Applied using either a fully-adhered glue system or loose-laid with gravel (ballasted) or mechanically fastened, requiring no heat
  • Environmentally friendly roof, as it involves reduced emissions from equipment, fewer petroleum based products, and less waste in landfills
  • Lower heating and cooling costs with proper insulation, available in white or black
  • Proven long term performance in all climates
  • Lower life cycle costs than other flat roof systems
  • Less cost than a complete re-roof
  • Less intrusive installation and ideal recovery system

Thermo-plastic Polyolefin Roofing Membranes (TPO):

  • A cost-effective single ply roofing system composed of a plastic membrane ideally suited for large commercial projects
  • Applied using either  a mechanically-fastened or fully-adhered glue system requiring no heat
  • Environmentally friendly roofing as it involves reduced emissions from equipment, fewer petroleum-based products and causes less waste in landfills
  • No more standing water, it evaporates faster and the water is more easily directed
  • The white roof reflects most of the sun’s rays from the building which lowers energy costs
  • Lowers energy bills as its reflective design increases insulation
  • Ideal recovery system because of its low per square foot weight

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) – Tar and Gravel:

tar gravel
built up roofing
  • A four ply roofing system composed of an asphalt based roofing membrane with fibre glass felts and asphalt/tar ideal for re-roofing projects
  • Ties in with existing built up roofs
  • Ideal for adding additional or new insulation
  • Longer working season to install

Many residences are covered with a traditional Tar and Gravel roof system that has a life span of 15-25 years after which the stress of the heat and cold causes the tar to blister and crack allowing water to travel under the asphalt surface and leak through the roof deck below.

The solution to the traditional “rip it off and replace it” philosophy is the elastomeric coatings for this type of roof. We can have your roof inspected, cleaned, repaired and coated saving you as much as 50% over a traditional replacement.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen
  • A two ply roofing system composed of 2 layers of rubber, a base membrane and a granulated cap ideally suited for smaller projects, high traffic areas and roofs used as outdoor living spaces
  • Applied using either adhesive/glue, fastened with asphalt, or thermally applied (torched) Ideal for roofs with low slopes of +3%
  • Uses minimal ground equipment

Rolled Asphalt

Rolled Asphalt

Many home additions and garages are rolled asphalt. This type of roof is very susceptible to the extreme stress caused by heat during hot summer months. An asphalt roof can reach temperatures as high as 170 degrees causing the asphalt to eventually blister and break down. Once blistered and cracked, water can enter as ice in the winter months and cause further damage and leaking.

Our elastomeric coatings are very well suited to this roofing style and this type of roof once coated with aelastomeric product will no longer suffer these harsh temperature swings and will last many more years before further repairs are necessary.

Watershed Flat Roofing Installation Services

At Watershed Roofing we stand by our work, its our mission to provide you the highest quality flat roofing services in Ontario.

For a free no-obligation quote please contact us and we’ll come out and see what roof system suits your building best. We also provide residential flat roof services.

For emergency flat roof repairs, our lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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